Make more, do more weekly tip #98

Hello and welcome back to Make more, do more weekly tip #98. This week we are covering a our series of tips on How to Grow an Email List and tip # 4 is…

Is the signup process simple?

When people sign up for your goodies, do they need to fill out an application? Or are you just requesting pertinent information? In all actuality, you only need to ask for an email address to register a subscriber, although, I like to get their name as well so I can personalize my emails. Now there may be an exception to this rule if you plan on doing snail mail marketing, but you still want to keep it as simple as possible.

Be Easy!

Remember in this case less if often more! Whether you’re setting up the form for the first time or rebranding it, make sure to shorten the requested information. Remember, asking for more information will quickly lower your sign-up rates. Everyone is super busy and always in a hurry to move on to the next thing. Don’t push them away from your sign up by requesting to much information.

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