Make more, do more weekly tip #94

Hello and welcome back to Make more, do more weekly tip #94. This week we are covering a our series of tips on 10 Tips for Startups and tip # 10 is…

Using Technology to Keep Your Business Relevant 

Most business owners that I know and have worked with admit that whether or not they love or hate using technology, it is a critical tool used within their business. No matter if they’re using mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop, some types of software help them organize data within their business. So if you plan to stay relevant in these times, invest the time to learn how to utilize the technology needed to successfully run and operate your business, or hire the help of a virtual assistant, that you need to get the job done!

How to Start Using Technology 

If you’re not using technology at all, you need to jump onto the technology bandwagon. But how much technology do you really need? It all depends on how much you have going on in your business. Do you need bookkeeping done?  Are you socially active; need messages scheduled through your social media profiles? Will you need a contact management system? Find out the areas where the use of technology is required within your business and account for them if you plan to run a successful business. A virtual assistant has a wide array of knowledge when dealing with time and money saving software and apps, so if it seems to be too much, consider partnering with one to help create synergy in your life using technology.

Thank you for stopping back by for Make more, do more weekly tips? Please keep your questions coming in. I look forward to answering them. To learn more about how Rhonda’s Virtual Office can assist you with your virtual assistant needs please visit our site at and click on the contact page to get in touch today. See you next week for Make more, do more weekly tip #95.

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