Make More Do More Weekly Tip #85

Hello and welcome back to Make more, do more weekly tip #85. This week we are covering our series on 10 Tips for Start Ups.

TIP #1 is…

Managing your Start Up costs and Generating Cash Flow

For most startups, generating cash flow immediately is very important to maintaining your operations during your first year going forward. Without a stable cash flow, the business may endure endless hardships and eventually die off. The best way to avoid that and have resilience, is to continuously watch your cash flows and make every cent count, almost like a bootstrapper. The more positive cash flow than negative cash flow, always the better.

If you’re struggling with managing your start up costs and cash flow, then don’t worry…there are plenty of templates available online that can help you. Either have your virtual assistant create one for you, or use the resources available to create your very own. Just make sure that you take the time to do so, as it’s definitely important to learn how to create and keep the cash flow coming into your business.

Thank you for stopping back by for Make more, do more weekly tips! Please keep your questions coming in. I look forward to answering them. To learn more about how Rhonda’s Virtual Office can assist you with your virtual assistant needs, please visit our website at and click on the contact page to get in touch today. See you next week for Make more, do more weekly tip #86.

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