Make more, do more weekly tip #84

Hello and welcome back to Make more, do more weekly tip #84. This week we are covering our series of tips on “Building & Branding your Social Media Cover Pages,” and tip #8 is…

Google+ is still quite new, but it is quickly taking the internet by storm. With Google being the top used search engine platform, creating a Google+ profile and page is part of the process to getting recognized by search engines and gaining more exposure to your business’ website.

So the first thing you want to do to create a complete profile is to choose a category, whether you offer products or services, or just want to promote your brand, you can do so here.

Next, you want to create a tagline, so if you have a USP (unique selling point) or favorite slogan, let everyone know.

Third, adding a profile and cover photo will help others to put a face to a name and maybe see a photo of your business…the choice is yours.

When adding your introduction, be sure to add relevant points you can make about yourself and your business. Then, you’ll be asked to include as much contact information as possible, so any phone numbers, email addresses, or Skype IDs that you want to share, do it here.

And finally, any other recommended links that you have, enter them in the recommended links section. If you guest blog for someone, add the link to their blog here, just as if you have a blog that has a different URL than your main site, add it here as well. Share as much information about your business as possible. That’s the key!

Thank you for stopping back by for Make more, do more weekly tips! Please keep your questions coming in. I look forward to answering them. To learn more about how Rhonda’s Virtual Office can assist you with your virtual assistant needs, please visit our website at and click on the contact page to get in touch today. See you next week for Make more, do more weekly tip #85.

Image sizes to remember:
Profile: 250 x 250 px
Cover: 900 x 180 px

Remember that social media sites like Google+ are always changing so you will want to check out their FAQ, help, and tutorial sections to stay current. If you are struggling with keeping up or not sure where to get started we do advise you seek the support of a social media VA / expert.

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