Make More, Do More Weekly Tip #70

Hello and welcome back to Make more, do more weekly tip #70. This week we are covering our series on RVO’s Favs – 6 Software Applications for Your Business Needs. Fav #5 is…

Making Note-Taking Easier

OneNote in its simplest form is an easy note taking software application, but it is more sophisticated than just a simple note taking app. With OneNote you can not only take your notes, but you can create folders, pages, sub-pages, cut and paste quickly from the net and it even automatically adds the link from the location where you cut and pasted from the net. There is simply not enough space here to tell you all about OneNote, but it is a must have for any small business.

OneNote can also be great for keeping tabs on To-Do Lists, similar to that of a Project Management system. With the ‘almost in real time’ feature that syncs with SkyDrive, you can type notes onto a page created in your desired notebook and share with another team member, who will see the notes shortly after you’ve added them, with your initials. Your teammate can reply and you’ll be able to see the updates shortly after they’ve added them. Working with a virtual assistant makes using OneNote so much easier.

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