Make more, do more weekly tip #33

Hello and welcome back to Make more, do more weekly tip #33. This week we are covering the ninth principle of time management…

Eliminate the Hot Spots! – Hot spots are the bane of every business owner. By definition, they are tasks which have short term consequences. For example, a potential hot spot could be missing a tax deadline or unavailability of supplies. The goal is to keep an eye out for potential problems that could flare up into major emergencies.

Each day review your To-Do list and the calendar so that you don’t miss a task or deadline that could potentially explode. Have time available in your day so if something does slip through, you won’t be panicking trying to put out the fire. It’s not necessary to plan out every minute of your day. Build time into it for potential hot spots.

Thank you for stopping back in for Make more, do more weekly tips. To learn more about how Rhonda’s Virtual Office can help you to prioritize your tasks email us today at or by calling 1-877-501-5789. See you next week for Make more, do more weekly tip #34.

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