Make more, do more weekly tip #31

Hello and welcome back to Make more, do more weekly tip #31. This week we are covering the seventh principle of time management…

Biological Time Clock! Another major key to effectively managing your time is understanding your biological time clock. This is the peak time of day when you are at your best. Some people are more alert and effective in the morning while others shine in the afternoon. There are folks that find evening/night hours are more conducive for them.

So what is this week’s plan? Review your work habits over the past couple of weeks. Were you able to blitz right through work first thing in the morning only to find yourself dragging after lunch, unable to focus on the tasks? Or are you a “night owl” that can get in and get things done during this time? Knowing and utilizing your optimum time will ensure that your tasks will receive your fullest attention.

Thank you for stopping back in for Make more, do more weekly tips. To learn more about how Rhonda’s Virtual Office can help you to prioritize your tasks email us today at or by calling 1-877-501-5789. See you next week for Make more, do more weekly tip #32.

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