The Meaning of Labor Day for Small Business Owners

According to Wikipedia the history of Labor Day is based on “a celebration of the American labor movement and it’s dedication to the social and economic achievements of workers.” For many people it signals the last three day mini-vacation of the summer. Historically the focus of Labor Day has been on large companies, employees, and  unions. However, due to the new rise in small business entrepreneurship the holiday has taken on a new meaning. For those of us that have transitioned from working for employers and owning our own business what does Labor Day mean to us?

Happy Labor Day

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It could mean taking time to reflect how well our business is doing. Take an assessment to ascertain if we need to streamline our services and the way we conduct daily operations by automating systems or using a virtual assistant to enable us to focus on revenue based initiatives. It could mean taking time out to celebrate the successful transition from employee to entrepreneur like so many other fellow Americans that have taken the leap of faith to work in a way that is more authentic to them. It could also mean taking time to appraise how we do business. states that in two years 63 million Americans will be working virtually. It goes on to state that “The virtualization of business is like outsourcing on steroids: not only is it highly efficient, but it is probably the most advanced and evolved economic system yet devised.” This takes the original labor day meaning to a whole new level. The celebrations, labor day sales and restful time off will always be associated with the last holiday of the summer but for small business entrepreneurs old and new it holds a new symbolism for new opportunities.

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