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That’s right I said for FREE. Okay, this is probably not new news to most of you, but for those of you who are not familiar with online marketing techniques social media, writing a blog, and writing articles are all great ways to promote / market your business without spending a dime. That’s right folks it’s 100% FREE and a must do for all businesses in today’s technological age especially those small / start-up businesses as this is going to help you create your face (your brand), develop your trust, and earn your mark as an expert. To show people that you know what you’re doing. To learn more about branding read this article on What is branding and why do I need it?

Marketing Your Business For Free by RVOIf you don’t already have any social media platforms in place then today is the time to get started. Create your accounts on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. and now we have Branch Out and Google+ added to this arsenal. You can use a program called HootSuite or other like program to help you manage and schedule your posts to these types of forums.

I personally use HootSuite and schedule most of my tweets in advanced. I am currently scheduling my re-tweets (tweets of other people), my blog posts, and perhaps something inspirational from time to time, I also tweet things about my clients, mentors, and other associates in those. But I always go in for at least 10 to 15 minutes a day to read and respond and send out some personal tweets each day to keep it more personalized and to really be able to connect to those who I am tweeting with.

Not Comfortable With Doing Your Own Social Media

Your virtual assistant can help you with your social media campaigns. You should still be an active participant by engaging in your social media. Read and respond to mentions, re-tweets, and direct messages. It’s also a good thing if you create your own content. Meaning you write the blog post or article, and have your VA set it up to post through HootSuite. It’s important that your voice is heard and that your followers get to know YOU!

Your virtual assistant, expert social media campaign manager, or marketer can schedule your posts, can research your target market based on keywords that the two of you discuss and feel are most relevant to your business to help you connect with the right audience, and build your following.

Social Media Etiquette

While there are technically no carved in stone rules there are some social media etiquette’s you should probably observe / follow if you don’t want to be annoying / offend others. Of course you have to follow your own voice and create your social media campaign to meet the needs of your business so you will not necessarily do it the exact same way someone else does, but simple etiquette should apply.

Read this article: One of Today’s Hot Topics – Social Media Etiquette to learn more.

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