Looking Forward To The New Year

happy new year ID-10093816Hello all my lovelies! I hope each and every one of you are having a super blessed holiday season. This time of year brings about much joy as well as well much sadness for so many so let’s each and everyone this New Years morning bow our heads in prayer for those less fortunate than us. Remember, no matter how hard you have it someone else almost surely has it harder so let’s each pray for them they will have a better, more prosperous year this year, but more than anything that they will know the joy, love, mercy, and grace of the heavenly Father and of course have good health as well.

I want to take a few minutes to send out a SPECIAL THANK YOU to each and everyone of you for supporting my business. Some of you are well aware of my circumstances and some of you not so much except for the tidbits here and there you might read. See, I am a single mom with two fantastic kiddos. Okay, so maybe one of them is a young man now … he still lives with his mommy ;)~ though. Anyway, at a time when I was feeling lost and knew I had to make some decisions about our future, I decided to start a business. Coming this February will be 4 years. Without you it would not have been possible.

I finished homeschooling my young man. Who is now working and saving for next school year so he can go to college. I’ve been able to stay home with my daughter and teach her how to do things like cook and sew and become a proper young lady without having to depend on someone else to raise her. I managed not to lose my home (thanks to God) or car or anything else for that matter.

You see I started this venture with no money and little in the way of usable equipment and software, but God saw fit to put you all in my life to support me on this journey and I’m UBER THANKFUL for that!!!

So, again a …


Love and prayers,

P.S. Just for laughs … something every entrepreneur can appreciate. This infographic over at Small Businesses Do It Better defines the different styles of entrepreneurs. It’s quite amusing, and by the way … make no bones about it, I’m “The Pajamapreneur”. Which type of preneur are you? I really, really want to know. So please share and let’s all have a good laugh. Now don’t be shy … and be honest … come on now you know you want to tell all.  🙂

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