LinkedIn Endorsements: How to Remove or Tame Them

1363080726_LinkedInLinkedIn Endorsements – like them or not are here to stay it appears. They could be a good thing if it weren’t for the abusers in the crowd who give out endorsements to people they don’t even know or have never even worked with.

I have a few rules I like to follow. I do not give endorsements if:

    1.  I have not worked with you in some capacity, and I only endorse for what I know you can do.


  • I have not consulted with you and feel confident in your ability to perform.
  • You are a complete stranger and I know nothing about you. 


Yes, there are times that complete strangers are on your profiles. They asked for a connection and sometimes you connect with them, or sometimes you ask complete strangers for connections. This may be done for various reasons. I know some say they don’t do this and would never do this, but if you are fortunate enough to be so big that you have a huge circle of influence, then perhaps you don’t need to do this. But for the small business, meeting perfect strangers could be a new and welcome avenue of growing your business.

LinkedIn already has some pretty good directions on how to go about doing these things. So I’m going to direct you to the articles provided by LinkedIn.

Currently, there is no way to opt out of endorsements all together, but you may do the following.

You can choose Hiding and Unhiding a Skill Endorsement. These are not the individuals though just the actual skills and expertise you are endorsed for. So if you’ve been endorsed for Project Management and you don’t do it, you can hide that skill endorsement.

Hiding All Skill Endorsements is another option, but with all of its controversy, I’m not sure hiding is really the way to go.  I will admit I considered it, but after reading up on other’s thoughts and opinions and thinking it through, I think the option for now might be just hiding the irrelevant skills and check to see if your profile might need some updating to help avoid some of these irrelevant skill endorsements in the first place. I realize no matter how good your profile is, you will still get these irrelevant endorsements from time to time, but controlling them is fairly simple to do.

Just click the links in the paragraphs above and follow the directions. It’s very simple to follow.

For a more complete list of articles and directions provided by LinkedIn on Skill Endorsements click here.

What do you think of LinkedIn’s Endorsements? Do you utilize them on your profile or do you wish they were never created in the first place? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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