Let It Go and Let Your Virtual Assistant Handle It

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One of the hardest things to do is let go of the reigns and let your virtual assistant take over certain tasks. Especially when it’s your baby, your business. You want things done a certain way, you want to make sure it’s done on time and accurately, you are unsure of handing off passwords, etc. There are many fears you face when you decide to start using a virtual assistant. This is something we virtual assistants see daily. Our client’s each have their own set of fears. 

Are you a micromanager? 

Some people struggle with just having the need to maintain control of everything. If this is you, then it is to your own detriment and will hurt both you and your business in the long run. Not only when it comes to working with a virtual assistant, but when it comes to working with anyone. You NEED a reliable team to run your business with you. If you are working against your team they will inevitably get frustrated because they feel unable to help you move forward and grow your business. Eventually your business relationship will sour and you will part ways. You will see this pattern repeat itself over and over again until you learn to let it go! 

This will impact your business growth in a very negative way. If you are unable to let it go then you will be unable to keep up with the workload on your own as you begin to grow. This will cause an overworked, exhausted you, confusion, missed deadlines, missed appointments, projects not completed accurately or very sloppy work being done, and more. All of this will lead to very upset clients/customers and this my friend will hurt your ROI. Your clients will soon tire of not getting what was promised and will drop you for someone who can deliver! Having a professional team and this should include a great virtual assistant will ensure that you don’t drop the ball and deliver on your promises to your clients and keep the momentum going so that you can see a positive impact on your ROI. 

Are you distrusting? 

Some people struggle with trust. I get it. I’ve had many people in my life disappoint me, break my confidence, cause me to not trust them in some way, but the bottom line is you have to find some people in your life you can trust. If hiring a virtual assistant or other professional to be a part of your team for the first time start slow and work smart while you build that trust. 

I recommend actually speaking to them face-to-face to gauge if they are a good fit and let your gut guide you a little here. Look for red flags and by all means if it doesn’t feel right then move on and talk to someone else, but don’t stall the process just because you have some trust issues. If you have serious trust issues then you should speak to a counselor, pray, etc. Figure out a way to work through them because without being able to trust people you won’t be able to work with them and your small business needs them to support you as you grow. 

Establishing Trust with Your Virtual Assistant

Once you’ve chosen a virtual assistant to be a part of your team give them small in-house tasks to get a feel for their working style, ethics, turn-around, etc. After a couple of those types of tasks and you start to feel a little more at ease with them you can start to add more to their list and eventually give them your passwords, etc. Remember without your usernames and passwords a virtual assistant will not be able to be truly effective. There are some programs that can be helpful in eliminating the need to give all the info away. You can use programs like Last Pass, but you can also do other simple things like in Gmail you can grant access instead of giving out login information, or in WordPress there is a way to give specific permissions and not make everyone an admin, etc. and they have their own login. (tool tips here) So work smart and think things through until you’ve established enough trust that you aren’t concerned about that anymore. 

Another important piece to this puzzle is having a services agreement and non-disclosure agreement that covers these aspects of your business to ensure that you are covered legally. 

You have to start somewhere and if you really struggle with trust then try some of these suggestions to help you get started toward building a successful relationship with your virtual assistant. 

In the words of Neil Nickolaisen, “I then focused my attention on my recovery by becoming a leader who created a culture of trust and ownership.” reference link 

Neil is a self-professed recovering micro-manager and Chief Technology Officer at Tanner — the world leader in employee engagement through recognition. 

Check out the reference link above and read his article, while a bit amusing, it’s also very true and to the point for the micro-managers in the crowd. I pulled this quote because it sums it up pretty well. Establishing a culture of trust and ownership is vitally important to every businesses success whether your team is in-house or out. 

What aspects of working with a virtual assistant do you struggle with and what solutions have you found that work? If you haven’t found a solution that works share that to and let us help you figure one out. Please share in the comments below.

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Let It Go and Let Your Virtual Assistant Handle It — 2 Comments

  1. Rhonda is right on target with this article. In my previous life I was an administrative assistant. Letting go of what I used to was extremely challenging for me. Rhonda was able to gently walk me through the process and once I let go, it changed how I looked at what I needed to do in my business and what I needed to let go of and hand over to Rhonda. If you are looking for a great VA, I highly recommend Rhonda.

    Geri Sue Sandor, Chaos to Bliss Guide and Queen of Calm at Connect to Calm

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