Kids Are Back To School, Now You Need To Get Back To Work

Summer break is officially over and the kiddos in our neighborhood are back to school as they are for most of you. For many of us entrepreneurs or small business owners, this means readjusting our schedules again. Sometimes schedule shifts can be difficult, especially after a long summer break. Fun days in the sun, relaxing a bit, and losing focus on your business can be a result of this.

It’s Time To Tighten Up Your Bootstraps And Get Back To Your Normal Work Routine

First, I recommend getting back into a regular sleep routine for the benefit of all and a normal routine. This can be especially challenging if you are a night owl and after those summer nights that were so tempting to stay up even later to get that project done. If you are like me, you’re mind becomes active and your creative mode comes alive in the later hours making this even more challenging. Keep a note or tablet next to your bedside table so you can quickly get those thoughts out of your head, and get back to the business of sleeping. A good nights sleep will help you stay focused and centered.

Plan your work hours around your children’s school and activities now so you can have an outlook on your calendar for the school year and know what to expect. Less surprises with scheduling while making it easier for you to get projects done and know your availability for meetings with client’s or team members. Get the children’s school dates and activities onto your calendar. Don’t forget to schedule time off for holiday breaks to spend time with family and kids, and allowing yourself time to refresh.

When planning your hours and mapping out your school year calendar, it’s also a good time to sit down and review your child’s schedule and expectations. Bedtime, waking up, after school, and weekend routines are essential for your child’s proper health and development during the school year and will make your life a little less stressful if implemented well. Consistency is the most important aspect here as children thrive on routine.

Make sure to plan for thoughtful and healthy meals as well as a great exercise routine. Everyone knows the importance of good sleep, healthy eating, and exercise. It’s good for the mind, body, soul, and spirit. Your health and wellness is important to ensure you are able to provide proper health and wellness routines for your children and your business.

Tidy up that desk and work space so you know where everything is and can get a fresh start on being more focused and productive. This is always a good time to get rid of the junk. I know, I know it’s your organized mess and you know where everything is until you don’t. So clean it up!

Map out a school year strategy via your calendar or other planning program now so you know what to expect. Jot down all the projects you know you want to complete during the next several months and put them on the list. Create deadlines and stick to them.

Remember to include networking events for yourself and your business to maintain your marketing initiatives, and possibly make some new friends in the process. Good for your business and good for you as well.

Be sure to create a spot for your back to school kiddos where you can maintain organization for them and for you. Check out this article on back to school organization tips by Jacinda.

What are your back to school tips to help you stay focused and get work done? Tell us below in the comments.

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