Just Released – BundlePost 2.0

I, among many other fellow bloggers, social media marketers, and other virtual professionals were invited to a sneak peek of Bundle Posts’ release of Bundle Post 2.0 which is scheduled to be released this morning. I must say I’m pretty excited about the release!

BundlePost 2.0-1

The feature updates are very promising. It has a nice clean user interface. Nice sized and readable texts, with plenty of white space, and they’ve made significant changes to the help files so that you can get all the help you need within those files.

Bundle Post is a Social Media Content Management System that works well with HootSuite, and you all know how much I love HootSuite. I’ll explain more about that in a minute. First lets talk about the other features.

BundlePost 2.0-2

Feed Channels: Via the feed channels you can set it up to draw from your Google alerts, RSS feeds, etc.

BundlePost 2.0-3

Schedules: Set up your posting times via schedules, and create multiple schedules. Obviously (depending on the version you choose) this is great for managing multiple clients.

BundlePost 2.0-4

My Content: (Formerly known as My Social Content) This is where you input your content and URL’s. Create multiple content folders to help sort your or your clients content into something that makes sense and keep it all organized.

BundlePost 2.0-5

#Hashtags: Here you can tell it rules for your #hashtags. So if you type in Social Media you can tell it to switch it to #SocialMedia, or Bundle Post you can tell it to change it to @BundlePost, etc. This takes that content and makes it clickable as well.

BundlePost 2.0-6

Follow Friday: Create multiple follow Friday lists here.

BundlePost 2.0-7

Export: Once you have your feeds curating, your content inputted, etc. you go to the export tab and select “Export Now” it will pull up a list of your content, feeds, etc. and you can select the items you want to move and then you simply click “Move Selected”. This will create a CSV file of all your content.

BundlePost 2.0-8

So how does it work with HootSuite?

You take your CSV file from the export you created and simply upload it to HootSuite via the bulk upload feature. It’s so simple it’s insane. One point they stressed at Bundle Post was not to open the CSV file once you export it as it will reformat your dates and times.

Okay, so what is the cost involved in this? 

Everyone gets a fully functional 30 day free trial no credit card required. Once your trial is over you can choose between the Expanded or the PRO version.

The Expanded version is geared more toward the individual and does have some limited features, but it’s still pretty packed for only $50 per month. While the PRO version is geared more toward the marketers and agencies and unlimited with Live Setup & Training and Ongoing Tech Support for just $100 per month. See for yourself in the image below.

BundlePost 2.0-9
If you want to save tons of time with your social media management you simply must consider taking a look at the new Bundle Post 2.0 release.

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If you use Bundle Post already or are trying it for the first time, I want to hear from you. Please leave your comments in the box below.

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