Is WordPress just for blogging?

No. WordPress started off as a blogging platform, but has evolved into a full CMS (Content Management System) that has become super popular. It’s easy for  the DIYer’s to create simple yet beautiful designs that are professional and if put together right will draw your visitors right in. 

Millions of users are using WordPress because it’s a rockin’ powerhouse! From simple blogging to amazing and beautiful sliders to pretty much whatever you can imagine. I talk to so many who are afraid of getting a website because of the costs or the fear of not being able to build or manage it themselves. With a little knowledge you can do amazing things with WordPress.

What costs are associated with a WordPress website?

This depends on each business or individuals needs, but essentially can be done very economically.

  • URL: from $ .99 and up per year (average – $15 per year)
  • Hosting: from $ 10 and up per month
  • WordPress: Free
  • Theme: from free and up
  • Plugins: from free and up
  • Website Design/Maintenance: from $70 per hour and up for a paid website designer to design and maintain your site.

The costs listed above are just an approximation. If you DIY you may or may not save money on website design and maintenance, but often a website designer will create a fixed cost for the site design and even create a monthly maintenance package for you that fits into your budget.

Your URL is a must have and is the location of your website on the internet. You can purchase your URL via HostGator, Bluehost, GoDaddy, etc.

Hosting is also a must have and can often be purchased from the same company as your URL.

WordPress is your content management system and is free. You may run a completely free blog / website via WordPress instead of purchasing a URL and Hosting it will all be done via WordPress. I caution against this however. It may not be viewed by your potential market as professional looking to have as part of your URL.  Having your own URL will help to establish your brand (business identity). You don’t have as many options available to you via this method as you do the other method. When you purchase your URL and hosting you have a boatload of free to premium plugins and themes to choose from.

If you’d like to DIY it you may save yourself money in the design process depending on how long it actually takes you to complete the design. You must weigh the pro’s and con’s of DIYing. Do you have the skills? Do have the time? If you don’t have the skills do  you have time to learn them? Is time a factor? You will want to weigh out the pro’s and con’s for yourself to determine if you should DIY it.

If you’ve never designed a website before and have no clue where to start we can help you get started. We will help you figure out what you want and need, and help you design a great site. Whether you want to DIY or want it D4U we can come up with a solution to help you get started from teaching you how to do it to doing it for you.

Contact us today to discuss your website needs, and let’s see what solutions will work best for you.

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