Visual content is all the rage from video to graphics and this includes infographics. A great infographic has the potential to go viral, and viral content is good for your content marketing.

Not sure where to start? There are many great tools for creating stunning infographics and instead of recreating the wheel I’m going to direct you to this article by Amanda Stillwagon on Small Business TRENDS “10 Online Tools for Creating Infographics and Charts” from this list is missing Microsoft Word and Powerpoint.

I used MS Powerpoint to create an infographic on “10 Tips for Startups” for a recent 12 Days of Christmas Give-a-Way in partnership with O W N W P. (Please sign up in the right sidebar to download your copy of 10 Tips for Startups”. If you are already on my list then there was a link to the download in your February 2014 Edition of The VA Source.)


10 tips for startups
This was my first attempt at an infographic and after doing more research it may be little heavy on the content, but that’s okay. I’m still sharing it with you. The content is valuable, and we all have to learn somewhere along the line. I wanted to learn about infographics and then bring that information to you so we could all learn together best practices.

So what are best practices?

To Much Info
As we see in my infographic TMI may not be the best idea. It’s a bit crowded. It took a ton of time to pull that information together and get my facts straight, but that doesn’t mean every little fact needs to be addressed.

Info Matters
Be sure to include what info really matters. If you are dealing with stats then you need to add the actual numbers and clarify what these stats represent. It doesn’t have to yell at us, but it does need to be included. (i.e. US/China or both, 10/100 participants, etc.)

It also needs to be representative of the actual facts so do your research. If your repurposing content then double check the facts to ensure they are accurate and current.

Are you telling a story?
Does your audience get it? Can they follow your story? Remember, this is an inforgraphic and should convey the facts, but should tell them in a way that can be followed.

And lastly, understand that not all information is infographic worthy! Some information just does not fit into an information graphic format and you shouldn’t strive to create all your info into infographics anyway. You want to mix it up a bit. By the way, the good old written word is still a viable form of communicating great information.

Other resources:

This site promises a daily infographic as in the sites title and has something for everyone from animals, business to funny and everything in between. Check them out for ideas and inspiration.

Want templates to help get you started check out these sites: –  (vector images) –  (reasonably priced – vector, jpg, & illustrator images)

Do you have any great infographic resources to share? Please share them in the comments below.

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