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Do you remember Google reader? I was using it once upon a time and then it went away. In my struggle to find a replacement for my reader and a better way to manage my subscriptions so that I didn’t have so many emails crowding my inbox, I stumbled upon feedly.com which has become one of my favorite software choices.

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  1. It’s a great place to put ALL of my favorite blogs or websites that I want to stay read up on.
  2. It allowed me to remove myself from more than 95% of my subscriptions and get them out of my inbox and now I read them in feedly. Note: this will not work with all of your subscriptions. (i.e. if you’re on an inclusive list it might not be available to the public and therefore there will be no feed)
  3. I can organize my feeds anyway I want and read them right in feedly.
  4. I can save stuff to read later that I’m interested in.
  5. I can tag them so that I remember why I saved them.
  6. They have a mobile app.
  7. Did I mention that they have a FREE version? Everything that I’ve listed above are benefits of or included in the FREE version.


I use feedly.com for to stay up to date on the relevant subjects that matter to me. For instance, I’m a business owner who is a virtual assistant by trade and we offer a variety of services. So I use feedly.com to stay up to date on all my favorite sites that have great, reliable, and useful content which are related to my business.

I also put out a monthly newsletter that brings to you current trends, latest, greatest, or just my favoritest 😉 software, other news related to being a small business owner or a woman owned business, etc. I often use feedly.com to help me curate new content.

And while it’s not business, you can also use it for personal interests as well. It’s  great for following your favorite bloggers whether they be foodies, travelers, sports fanatics or what have you. There is a blog for virtually everything out there and you’re sure to have a few fav’s of your own.

I use feedly.com to manage both my personal and work interests in one place making my life easier.

Are you currently using an RSS or blog reader? Have you tried feedly.com yet? If not, give it a try and come back and tell us what you think of it. I’d love your feedback in the comments below.

If you need help setting up your feedly account and unsubscribing from your subscriptions click on the contact page to get in touch with us today because we can definitely help with that.

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