How can I prevent my email from getting so confusing?

This Simple Tip Can Help Ease Your Email Foes


When using email as a communication tool it’s best to list the subject clearly in the subject line. Speak only about that topic in the email. This way you can easily track down and locate that conversation. I know it’s tempting, and it seems like the easier thing to do is send several topics in one email (believe me I know as I’ve been guilty more often than I should be), but …

what happens when you need to locate that email later, on a different topic?

The email subject line does not match the topic of the subject you’re seeking. This makes more challenging to search for.

If you are discussing several topics within one email and you are discussing them with several people, there is so much going back and forth that it becomes difficult to follow the conversation.

So yes, it means creating separate emails for each topic. It will save you a headache later when trying to seek and find or read between the lines of several conversations at once.


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