Helpful Sites

Help with WordPress Code
W3Schools This is one of my favorite sites. It is very useful when unsure of what code to use with your WordPress site. I use it all the time, and one of the things I especially love about is it has a live preview of the code so you can see what it looks like before putting it on your WordPress pages or posts.
Greg Rickaby Blog If you’re working with Genesis I’ve found this link to be very useful in assisting with the code for Genesis Theme for WordPress.
Other Useful Links
My eCover Maker This handy little site allows you to make some great free or very affordable ebook cover designs in 2d, 3d, and transparencies. Be sure to check them out! This is a really cool icon tool with virtually any icon image you could hope for.
Tweet This Button Add a custom “Tweet This” button anywhere on your site. In the middle of a post or page or in a widget. Wherever your little heart desires or you can imagine.
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