Your Health and Wellness Matters

Geri Sue SandorCHHC, AADP, CLYL

Geri Sue Sandor

Because your health and wellness is so important to your daily life whether it be in business or in your personal life. I want to utilize this space this month to promote a very dear lady by the name of Geri Sue Sandor. Geri Sue is a fantastic health and wellness coach and is certified in many different areas of health and wellness and received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s cutting edge Health Coach Training Program.

I have personally been working with Geri Sue and she has helped me to reduce stress, lose weight, lower my blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, and learning to eat the right foods for my body. I’m still on my journey, but with her guidance and teaching I know I’ll reach all my goals as I’ve met so many of them already.

Geri Sue has a unique outlook on the world as a whole and especially in the health and wellness arena. She works with individuals as well as with groups and businesses of all sorts. She has a way of bringing a smile to my face each time I talk to her even if I don’t feel like it I always end up laughing before we are finished with our sessions.

Did you know?

  • If you are a business you can reduce your health care costs, reduce stress, increase energy, and much more of your staff by participating in a quality health and wellness program.
  • If you are an individual you can reduce stress, increase energy, live a more balanced life, learn prevention over medicine, and much more by working with a quality health and wellness coach.  

If you want to take your personal health and wellness or your businesses health and wellness to the next level then I highly recommend giving Geri Sue a shout. So be sure to check out her website here, her programs and services here, and her events page here.

Full disclosure: I am a client of Geri Sue’s but I was not asked to write this and I am not receiving any compensation for this. I just really wanted to give her shout out because she has helped me in ways that many so called doctors and nutritionists have not been able to help.

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