Growing Pains

My Babies

In last month’s edition I fondly referred to my children as my “baby boy” and my “baby girl” and it was pointed out to me to those of you who don’t know me or my family they may not realize the actual ages of my children and leave people assuming that I have babies at home when in fact they are not babies at all. So to clarify on this my “baby boy” is in fact a young adult and has turned into a fine young man, and my “baby girl” is 10 years old. I always refer to my children in this way and my daughter is also often referred to as my little ladybug or bug. Terms of endearment as I’m sure many of you have with your children and/ loved ones. Rest assured they are no longer babies, but growing into fine young people and I am one proud mama!

It has been busier than ever and I’m experiencing growing pains. LOL! It’s a good thing! Ya’ll know though that growing pains can be difficult, exciting and scary at the same time, among a few other emotions. It really is an emotional roller coaster. You are excited about your business growth. I mean this is what you work so hard for, but now not only do you have more work to do but you have to figure out the best way to handle that work. Do you hire or outsource? Of course the answer for me is to grow my virtual team. It has worked wonders for me thus far and I will continue with the virtual team for some time I imagine, but this also means more business expenses and I must admit I’m a worry wart when it comes to money just like many of you. I can totally relate to how you want to hang onto your money, but the one thing that being a virtual assistant/business owner has taught me is that in order to grow you must be willing to invest where it is needed.

In crunch time I had to quickly outsource some editorial work, and am very much considering bringing on a new team member to be part of my editorial team. But before I can do that I have to define what that team member’s responsibilities will be and if one person or two people will need to fulfill that role based on those responsibilities. I think though I will truly reap some great benefits from this.

I’m also in need of a bookkeeper/business manager. As mine is stepping down and has already stepped back most of the way as she is taking her business in a new direction. Dixie has been a great business manager and I already miss the awesome work she has done for me in this regard, but I am very excited for her with her new business venture and wish her well. If you haven’t seen it yet be sure to check out her new business website here

I’ve been doing lots of landing/sales pages as of late. Which I really enjoy doing. They are very interesting and fun to do. I even did one on Facebook which was much easier than I had anticipated. Anyway, it’s been a very exciting month/year thus far and I’m looking forward to the rest of 2014!


PS Please share what you have done during your business growing pains to make the transition easier? I would love to know. Tweet This!

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