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Going Green Can Save time, Money, and Carbon Footprints

In today’s economic state, many business owners and entrepreneurs are looking to save money and time virtually, any way that they possibly can. Such things as staffing expenses, commuting and a filing system can be some of the most expensive activities that a small business owner has to endure. However, with the assistance of brilliant individuals and technology, there are ways to begin and continue saving more and more time and money. Three common ways to begin saving time and money in your business can include the following:

Saving energy = saving money: Without a brick and mortar location, there’s no need to worry about renting or leasing office space, electricity, furniture for the office and many more costly aspects in the usual office environment.

Working from home = saving time (and money): Working virtually allows for many people to save time by eliminating a short or long commute to and from work every day. With gas at an all-time high, this is an ongoing issue that concerns many owners and employees when it comes to getting to and from work.9

Saving your files on your PC and in the cloud = saving time, money and carbon footprints: When you began working virtually, there’s a possibility that you can create a paperless filing system for your business, if you stick to it. With the many cloud storage options, you can ensure that your files are securely saved for future references, granted with easy access.     This will also eliminate a large portion spent on ink and/or toner used for printers and other office devices.

There are many more methods that business owners can practice that will help save two of the most precious assets of a company; time and money.

Share with us how your business worked toward going green. We would like to know. If you share your thoughts and ideas on this issue we would love to publish it in one of our upcoming issues so please be sure to include your name, email, and website link for credit.

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