With the advent of the “cloud” many of our day-to-day chores are becoming increasingly easier to manage. One such chore is the “To-Do List” and there is a new application that is ready to take on the challenge. GQueues is an online task management program that streamlines that list while incorporating several Google applications.

GQueues does not require any registration; simply sign in with your Google account and start listing the tasks.  Some of its features include Google Calendar integration, capability to share, assign tasks with other members of your team, and create tasks through email or IM. Staying on top of projects now is just a click away with the mobile version.

There are two options available; a free version (GQueues Lite) or a full features version (GQueues) that is very reasonably priced at $25 per year.  The full version makes collaboration a simple process. This definitely is one application I’m going to be using to simplify my life. Check it out at

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