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I do a lot of ride sharing and often when I’m riding along in the car I hear many great thoughts and ideas pop out of people and the problem is I never have something to write on at that moment because all my stuff is in the trunk of their car and out of reach. Or I may be at a networking event where I’m walking around the room meeting and greeting people and again there is no paper and pen in hand because I’m trying to keep my hands as free as possible for shaking hands and hugging.


One of the tools that I always have on me and I know many of you always have on you is your cell phone. I always find a way to tuck it in somewhere and if there really is nowhere to tuck it in it is perfectly acceptable to carry your phone as long as you’re not constantly ignoring those you are speaking to in order to check your emails or answer text messages, Facebook, or what have you. The idea here is it is being used as a tool in the moment and being used properly. Don’t be rude to the person you just shook hands with or else you may leave a bad taste in their mouth and that’s not good for you or your business.


So there are all sorts of note taking apps you can take along on your cell phone, but this month I’m going to talk about Google Keep. They keep adding new features to it and after I’ve been testing it for a while I’ve got to say I’m really loving it for a simple note taking app it really delivers.


Google Keep


Take notes on your cell phone and share with all your devices including your office PC. That’s my favorite. It’s super important to me that all my devices work together. If they don’t work together then they are useless to me.


  1. Phone
  2. Tablet(s)
  3. PC
  4. On the Web
  5. Android Wear


Okay, so what else does Google Keep have to offer.


  1. Create ALL sorts of Notes that you can type or record with your voice
    1. Text (random thoughts, quotes, recipes, quick notes about a person you just met)
    2. Photos (see something you think would make a great photo addition to your newsletter, magazine, blog, etc. take the photo in Google Keep and make a quick note on what you want to do with it)
    3. Voice (record your note, Google transcribes it, but also saves the audio – great for when your hands are busy or if you’re just slow at typing and/ or prefer to record)
    4. Checklists (grocery lists, to do lists – for the grocery list I add my items to the list and obviously check them off once I’ve purchased them at the store, but I never delete this note. Instead of deleting it I keep it for my next trip to the grocery store. If you’re like me you often purchase the same things over and over again. By keeping this note instead of deleting it you can now go back into the note for your next trip to the grocery store and simply uncheck the items you want to purchase this trip to the store. No more retyping your list and trying to remember everything because you now have a reminder list right there and it’s already typed up for you. All you have to do is uncheck the past item you want to repurchase and add your new items.)


  1. Colorize your notes – great for sorting notes into categories. I like to use colors for work and personal and important and not important.


  1. Set Reminders – reminders are always useful. Simple tell Google Keep when you want to be reminded and Google Keep will send you an alert reminding you to:
    1. Make that phone call
    2. Send that email
    3. Pay that bill
    4. Etc.


  1. Share and Collaborate
    1. By hitting the share Icon you can share the note via the person(s) email address and if you no longer need to see the note after sharing you can then remove yourself.


In closing, I’ve found that Google Keep is a pretty decent note taking app. It does what it promises and I love that I can take it anywhere and it will share with all my devices and others I choose to share it with.


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