God is My Navigator

I’m super stoked as I’ll be attending “Your Potential Matters!” being presented by David Wright & Clancy Cross. I can’t wait to go. A super fab client is going to be presenting. Geri Sue Sandor of Wellness Connections LLC, and I just know she is going to do great!

If you follow me on Facebook, then you probably know a couple of weeks ago that I called out for your prayers. I was feeling discouraged and just needed to be uplifted in prayers. It’s not that there was anything seriously wrong. No one was sick or dying… thank God. I just felt discouraged.

As a single mom, with two really terrific kids by the way (super blessed there) and a business owner trying to make it all work and get it all done sometimes it’s just well… exhausting. Sometimes, it’s not a pretty a site!

This is all a part of life, right? We all go through our ups and downs whether in personal lives or business lives, and sometimes it seems more overwhelming than other times. Then I’m reminded… (paraphrased) that “the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and His ears are open unto their prayers…” 1 Peter 3:12 – He is watching over me and He hears my prayers.

Now, this may seem to have absolutely nothing to do with business and not my typical article, but in my life, it has everything to do with business. Without my faith, without my salvation, and without my God, my business wouldn’t be what it is. You see God is my navigator if you will. My guide. Helping me to make the decisions for my life, my children’s lives, and for my business. He is the foundation on which I stand.

Sometimes, I may be a bit shaky, but my foundation is always strong and because of this I always rebound and maintain a strong foothold.

I have felt your prayers. Thank you for that. I just wanted to share.

I’m not perfect, but I’m a child of the King and for that I’m truly thankful.


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