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I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again “Spring Brings New Life and New Beginnings“. It’s kind of funny at this moment because as I’m writing this there is a winter bluster working its way up outside my window. It’s cold and snowing, and doesn’t look anything like spring today, but it is spring and soon the sun, rain, flowers, and animals will begin to sprout their way into the season. With this I begin to look at what in my life has changed and what changes or new beginnings do I want or need to make happen.

This past month was a pretty good month. Working with my health and wellness coach we set some goals for me and for my business to focus on for March as well as some longer term goals dealing with some very personal aspects of my life. As a writing exercise to aide in my healing process from past issues and fears and to allow me to move forward and no longer live in fear so that those fears cannot dictate my life and my decisions. I’ve decided that in keeping with the spirit of my new theme “NO MORE FEAR” and my new motto “I WILL NO LONGER BE A PRISONER TO FEAR” to share this writing on my personal blog here with you.

I met my goals for March and some exciting things that I’ve done is to purchase a “Kick butt!” PC, and a new treadmill. For the PC I decided to go with a PC purchase that had some staying power and some real power. It’s a monster compared to my previous PC’s and it’s on the new Windows 8 format. Honestly, I don’t know what all the hype is about not loving the new platform. I was hesitant to purchase it because of all the nay sayers out there, but decided it was the way of the future and it was time to upgrade and I have to say I love the new platform. Yes, it’s taking some getting used to in regards to finding things, and working with the two technologies side by side but that is precisely what I love about it. It allows the touch screen technology and the familiar desktop version. I personally think Microsoft did a pretty great job at delivering this technology to us and I’m loving it! I have set my new goals for April both in regards to my personal life and my business, and I’m looking forward to accomplishing them. One of the things you will see is …

Changes to Service Offerings

Some changes coming to my service offerings. As soon as I can get it all worked out. As part of a on demand type service I decided to offer website design to my clients and with it comes a lot of other stuff that I tried to accommodate my clients with, but the reality is I’m not an expert in all things. Nor, should I try to be. I’m still going to offer WordPress theme installs, customizations, etc. In other words I will do some of those things that make your site look pretty. I am not an SEO expert and cannot give you the type of service that you need. So my suggestion is that you speak with an SEO expert, and we will happily partner with your SEO expert to get these items completed if needed. So keep your eyes open for the changes on my website’s services pages.

I’m currently working on building a network of SEO experts so that I can be more assistive in helping you to find a match, but ultimately you will need to work out your SEO strategy with an SEO expert. I want to see your SEO process completed right so that you gain the most exposure possible as I want to see you succeed.

If you are an SEO expert or know of one then I would love to do a one-on-one with you to learn more about your services to see if there is the possibility of bringing your service offerings to my clients.

Note: I am not going to partner with just one company as no one company can possibly meet the needs of everyone. I am looking for a few solid companies with a different ebb and flow to make better matches for my clients.


PS Would you please do me a favor? I really appreciate my loyal readers. You are all awesome! I need your help! I would very much appreciate it if you would simply email me 1 to 3 questions or content suggestions you’d like to learn or read about. What type of information do you want to see in upcoming issues of The VA Source? It would really mean a lot to me if you could take a minute and jot down even 1 question or content suggestion and email it here. Thanks! Rhonda


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