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Okay, so I’ve discovered one of the most awesome tools ever. Seriously, if you are a Gmail user and a Outlook user you will love this Contact sync tool. Tweet This! 

It feels like I have millions of contacts and I know it would’ve taken me FOREVER to type them in manually, not as long perhaps to do an export, and then an import, but this whole process took less than 5 minutes for the download of the software to the completion of the sync and ALL of my Gmail contacts are now safely in Outlook plus you have the added benefit of them staying in sync. Now you no longer have to worry about double entry. If you enter one in Outlook it will automatically be in Gmail and vice versa.

FREE, EASY, FAST, and as far as I can tell completely accurate!!! 

Okay, so what do you do? 

First: Go here and click on the latest version of Download Go Contact Sync link. 

Second: After it downloads open, run, and install the program. 

Third: Sign in with your Google account email and password. 

Fourth: Name your profile. If you will be using it on more than one PC you will need a different name for your profile on each PC. 

Fifth: Select your settings 

  • Merge Prompt – if there is a conflict it will ask first
  • Merge Outlook Wins – overrides Google on conflicts
  • Merge Google Wins – overrides Outlook on conflicts
  • Outlook to Google Only – syncs one way to Google, will not sync to Outlook
  • Google to Outlook Only – syncs one way to Outlook, will not sync to Google 

(I set mine to Merge Prompt. I would prefer to decide which one I get to keep in case of a conflict.) 

There are other settings in there, but I only did the Sync and moved on. I wanted a quick and easy way to sync my Google contacts to my Outlook since I purchased a new PC, and did a quick search and found this nifty tool. 

If you are a Outlook and Gmail user you will love this contact sync tool. Tweet This! 

What tools do you use to help make using Outlook and Google play nicely together? Please share in the comments below. 

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