Gmail Management: 10 Organizational Tips for Gmail Users Tip #7

Gmail Management: 10 Organizational Tips for Gmail Users

Tip #7: Set up automatic Filters for Stuff You Don’t NEED to Read Right Now


Newsletter from your kid’s school, yes it’s important and you should keep up to date on school events, but is it going to cause you to lost money if you don’t read it right this second? No. It’s most likely not. So go ahead and create a filter to send it to your personal label under a label called “XXX Newsletter” and send it to the label with a filter. This will keep it from coming to the inbox, but will be in your labels and will be easily locatable when you are ready to sit down and read personal emails. There is a brief overview below, but we discuss in detail how to set up labels in the book Managing Gmail: Email Management Made Simple.

  1. Select the email
  2. Select the dropdown on the “More” button
  3. Select “Filter messages like these”


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PS Over the next 2 weeks I’ll be sending one of my 10 Organizational Tips out to you.

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At the end of this series I will post all 10 of the Gmail Organizational Tips into one tips sheet and provide you with a link to download for your keeping. These tips are only a sneak peek into the book so be sure to purchase your book today!


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