Five Tips to Overcome Discomfort in Your Business Life

5TipsToOvercomeDiscomfortInYourBusinessLifeHow often do you face things in your business life that are uncomfortable? For example, someone may ask you to give a speech. If you are uncomfortable speaking in front of people then this potentially huge business opportunity may be passed on. Yes, sadly it’s true. Many people pass on opportunities when they’re uncomfortable with the task or responsibility. Instead of missing a potentially huge boost in business, why not learn to overcome discomfort in your business life?

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Tip #1 – Identify What Makes You Uncomfortable

There are many potential business tasks and opportunities that may make you uncomfortable. Maybe you are uncomfortable writing, talking in public, making videos or even talking on the phone. Maybe you don’t trust your bookkeeping skills and are uncomfortable managing your business finances. Simply make a list of the things you tend to avoid because you’re uncomfortable with them.

Tip #2 – Take a Baby Step

From that list, choose the least frightening or uncomfortable task. What’s the easiest thing you can try to overcome? Now do it. Just a little bit. For example, if you’re uncomfortable writing and you always outsource it, write a blog post.

Tip #3 – Recognize Your Reaction

Pay attention to how you’re feeling and how your mind and body are reacting. You may realize that you begin to think a bunch of negative thoughts. You might think, “I am a terrible writer,” or “This sentence is stupid.” You might also realize that you’re holding your breath or that your heart rate has picked up. You don’t need to do anything else right now other than pay attention to how you’re responding to the uncomfortable task.

Tip #4 – Counter the Negative with a Positive

Once you realize how you react both mentally and physically to an uncomfortable task, you can begin to counter it. For example, if you realize you think negative thoughts, you might create a positive thought to repeat to yourself as you write. If your heart beat has picked up, consider taking several deep, calming breaths to slow it down. Smiling as you’re managing the discomfort can also be a significant help.

Tip #5 – Step Beyond

Now it’s time to step deeper into your discomfort zone. Spend more time on this moderately uncomfortable task. Each time you sit down to write, set the tone for the experience. Think positive thoughts and take a few calling breaths. Then move onto the next item on your list and approach it with the same awareness and modification.

Now, uncomfortable tasks may not go away. However, as you begin to face these tasks you’ll learn to manage them. Eventually, you’ll be able to successfully handle any opportunity that comes your way, regardless of how much it may terrify you.

We can help alleviate some of your discomfort. Contact us today to find out how.


5 Tips to Overcome Discomfort in Your Business Click To Tweet

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