Facebook At Work Platform Currently Being Tested

Perhaps you’ve heard already, but if you haven’t there’s news floating around the web that Facebook@Work is currently being tested and in my understanding is meant to be a new platform to help companies collaborate.


According to this article on TechCrunch they spoke with an ex-Facebook employee and they said, “Everyone at Facebook uses Facebook for work,” one ex-Facebook employee tells us. “Most of their communication and planning is done though Messages and Groups. It would be a pretty natural thing to try to expose this way of using Facebook to get things done at the office to the rest of the world. It’s a really fast and efficient way to get things done.”


Now that’s a pretty decent point in my opinion and may be enough to persuade some people to go with it. In my opinion it’s going to have to gain some trust for this type of collaboration to take place on Facebook. From what I’ve been reading Facebook does have a plan to keep your company’s privacy intact by keeping this sort of collaboration completely separate from your personal Facebook page.


Plus there’s the whole is this just going to be yet another tool that I’ll have to use that is separate from everything else. How will this integrate into my already vast supply of tools in my tool belt and how nicely will it play with my other tools question to consider. Only time will tell I suppose.


If you want to learn more about this up and coming change to Facebook please read the article on TechCrunch in full as it covers a bit more detail than here. I wanted to bring it to your attention since it is not out in the public yet so you could keep your eyes and ears open for updates and follow this trend if it interests you.


What’s your opinion and would you make the switch to company collaboration on Facebook@Work? Do you have any concerns you feel Facebook should address before they even bring it to the public?


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