Don’t Let Fear Guide Your Steps

These past few months have been challenging for me emotionally speaking when it comes to my business. Last month I wrote about Growing Pains as a small business owner and then BAM just like that the business took a few steps backwards. My personal life experiences has taught me not to trust …

  • people
  • life
  • money
  • circumstances


And you know what you really shouldn’t rely on those things. The fact is people, life, money, circumstances, etc. all have a way of letting you down. People are not perfect, even if your life is as beautiful as a rose bush it still bears those painful thorns, money well – now you see it and now you don’t, and circumstances have a way of shifting on a dime.

But you can trust in God and you can overcome self-limiting beliefs and past hurts through prayers, meditation, perhaps some counseling or therapy, and for your small business mentoring or coaching.

As small business owners we can let these circumstances fester and be defined by them in darkness or we can make a choice to let it go and move forward by taking positive actions allowing more light into our lives.

So this is what’s been going on with me and how it affects me is that sometimes it causes me to procrastinate because of fear. My brain says one thing while my heart says another. I’m an emotionally powered person. I’m very passionate, compassionate, and all that. You get my point. So when I’m hurting sometimes it behooves me NOT to listen to my heart and allow my brain to guide me. This is when prayers and meditation are HUGE because I really need to get clear so that I can listen to my brain and hear clearly the voice of God. Sometimes it’s also good to have a trusted ear to bend that will be honest with you and say, “listen, you need to step back, take a deep breath and get some perspective on this whole thing”.

So when business takes a few steps back I need to figure out how to power it forward again. I revisit my “Why” and “What does success look like to me?” for some answers.

My Young Man's Birthday - Look at the Love

My Young Man’s Birthday – Look at the Love

My Why

To improve the lives of my children and myself, and others by serving them in a way that fulfills me and feels right with my soul. Tweet This!

What does success look like to me?

Being able to fulfill my why.

It’s super important that I remember what my why is because if I don’t then I lose sight of what really matters in life, and then I will no longer be happy with the decisions that I’ve made because I’ll be too busy wallowing in self-pity.

Learning that it’s okay when things don’t go as I planned because my plans are not always the best laid plans anyway, letting it go, and trusting in God because there is always something beautiful waiting just around the corner for me as long I remember to keep my faith in Him.


A lot has been going on and some changes have taken place. This month we moved our project management system over to at the request of some of our clients. It has a much easier client facing system to navigate than our previous system. Please feel free to let us know how you like it and if you have any issues navigating the system, but I think you will find this one much easier to utilize.

Also, this past month we are saying “GOODBYE!” to Dixie Lee our Business Manager. Dixie we will miss you so much! And we’ve brought on an intern bookkeeper and business admin. Anita Yarger is currently a student at UC and is taking courses in business and working toward her Bachelor’s degree. I want to personally give a warm welcome to Anita as I know she’ll be an instrumental addition to our team. To learn more about Anita please visit our Meet YOUR Team page.



PS Business once again shifted and pressed forward before I could even complete this article, but I still wanted to share it with you because this is how life as a business owner and life in general is. Once I released my anxiety’s over the whole situation and gave it to God – He allowed me to move forward.

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