Don’t Click That Link – Friendly Reminder on Viruses

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image by RVO


Recently my PC got a virus. How? Well, my IT department tells me by clicking on a link. Here’s the thing … I’m very careful about what links I click on. I only click on links that are from people or companies I trust. The most likely culprit for me to click on a dangerous link would be Facebook or Twitter because that is where I would click on that cute kitten or puppy video, or to read that article you shared. That being the case would present the scenario that someone in my circle shared a link that allowed me to get a virus on my PC.


The next a time a link is saying, Click ME! Click ME! STOP and think before you click or share… Click To Tweet


I’m not blaming anyone other than the jerk who thought it was cool to create it, but I am asking that my community be more cautious with the links they both click on and share. I don’t want you to get the virus and I don’t much enjoy getting them either.


This particular virus appears to have been created to only torture the PC owner as it made it appear that someone had taken over your PC when in fact no one had. Whenever I tried to move my mouse it was like someone else had control of it and it moved against my will and was quite irritating. When I tried to type my keys would either keep typing on their own or start deleting everything I had just typed.


If you are a client or someone who works with my company there is nothing to worry about in regards to file sharing or the like. I did ask if it could be shared through cloud storage and other means and I received a reassuring no. The only way to get this particular virus at present is through those links.


It is a fact though that millions of users are clicking on links daily via their devices of all sorts and it is easy to click on something that might not be safe even when we believe it is. So the next a time a link is saying, “Click ME! Click ME!” STOP and think before you click or share that link. Please be careful as no one enjoys viruses and some of them can be very devastating.


The next a time a link is saying, Click ME! Click ME! STOP and think before you click or share… Click To Tweet


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