Do I really need a blog on my website?

Q: Do I really need a blog on my site? I thought blogs were for people to share their personal hobbies and interests.

blog – Stuart Miles

A: Yes, having a blog on your site is a great way to build a relationship with your clients and to network with other fellow VA’s or small business owners. The blog phenomenon has evolved over the years. It started off as being known as weblogs that people had on their personal homepages to discuss their thoughts and ideas in a freestyle manner. Now you can’t click on a webpage and not expect to see a blog somewhere in the header.

So what changed?

In the early years the people who primarily blogged were the programming types and the blogs were done manually. Once the idea of creating a platform came to light then blogging as we know it became more popular. If it is easy for people to use something they will gravitate toward it even more. And that is what happened.

What does this mean for you and your business?

Everyone has a blog; entrepreneurs, large corporations, mom’s, dad’s and yes virtual assistant’s. It is the quickest way to create a bond with your community and a necessary tool to add to your website presence. No one wants to work with or for someone that is a stranger. Having a blog that is well written and offers tips, tools and advice on your community’s pain points will go a long way to building great relationships with your clients and your colleagues. Tweet This!

Need some great blogging tips then you might find this article helpful: Terrified of blogging? Don’t be!

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