Discover Your Clients’ Needs With Google Forms

survey ID-10040172Whether you’re networking (online and offline), creating surveys or marketing via email on a daily basis, you’re trying to collect small or big data  to find out what the people want, right? Your plan is to increase not only the exposure of your brand, products and/or services, but the amount of sales, too. Well, check this out…it just got a little bit easier. Instead of using the services of companies such as SurveyMonkey or SoGoSurvey, you can do everything using Google Forms. With Google Forms, you can create a variety of forms to collect the type of data that you need. You can get right to the point with a variety of questions, that allow your respondents to share their good and bad experiences, as well as their wants/needs.

Use Google forms to send as many surveys as you’d like, plan however many events you please and collect data in as many methods as you can think of.  Upon creating a new Google Form via your Google Drive, be sure to do the following:

  • Name your Form
  • Choose from a list of Questions (which allows you to add media including  images, audio and video)
    • Checkboxes
    • Scale (1 – ∞) questions
    • Text forms
    • Paragraphs
  • Add a Theme to your Form
  • Decide whether or not you want to collect the respondents’ data via Google Spreadsheets.

Yeah…it’s that easy! And if you have a WordPress site that you’d like to post your Google Form on, then consider adding the plugin ‘WordPress Google Form‘ to easily embed the form anywhere on your site.

Here are some top user questions that Google’s staff answered to make your experience with creating multi-functional Google forms more user-friendly, and 10 Advanced Tips & Tricks for Google Forms that shows you solutions for some of the cool features offered. For a more visual demonstration on how you can use Google Forms, check out the Tour of Google Forms in the video posted below that shows solutions for the some of the cool features that are offered.

Are you concerned about what your customers want/need? Have you tried any of the available Survey platforms? Share your experience and your insight on the matter. Your opinions are greatly appreciated!

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