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Google+ has been a huge topic of conversation. Now they have brought us Google+ pages for business. Some are saying Google+ is a waste of time, and some are saying it’s a force not to be ignored. What do you think?

I think both sides of this coin have some good points.

Why do we need another social media platform? Aren’t there enough of them already? It’s just going to be another thing we have to worry about.


Should we be looking at this from another angle? Google is obviously going to recognize their own pages over others. So would ignoring them be a good idea? With Google being the favorite search engine and that is the one everyone really wants to get ranked on then perhaps ignoring them would be foolish. I mean let’s face it Google rankings are very important to the life of our businesses.

So, I’m thinking that perhaps we might want to take Google+ pages seriously if we want our posts to be ranked in Google. Just some food for thought… I’m watching Google. Are you?

I’d really love your thoughts on this topic. I’m interested in seeing where this is going to go. Leave me your thoughts below.

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