What is branding?

Branding is what you do to give yourself a mark. It tells people who you are. It tells them what your core beliefs are. It tells them about your morals and values (what you stand for) in both your personal and business life.

Why do I need it?

You need to establish your brand because people need / want to know about you and/ your business. They need to understand your core beliefs. They need to understand where you are coming from. People want to know all about you so they can feel as if they have connected with you or your business purpose.

That is why social media is so popular. Social media has provided a platform for us to CONNECT as individuals as well as to connect our business and business practices on a personal level. It is important to establish your connections on more of a personal level in order to gain the trust and respect of your colleagues, potential clients and even your current clients.

Personal Brand vs. Business Brand

I have heard the debates about branding – Do I use a personal brand, business brand, or both? This is a question I am seeing quite frequently on the net and got me to reading up on it. I am not an expert in branding, but I do have some opinions on this issue.

A personal brand is important and you should start establishing it from the very start of your business. This is going to ‘bring it all home’ for your followers. In their need to get to know you they will search the net for you. They will seek out your blogs, websites, Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles; they will follow you on twitter, etc. They will do these things so that they can see if they will be able to connect with you. If they can connect with who you are personally then they will be able to connect to your business. Once they have decided they can connect to you personally then they will be more likely to reach out to your business and will start searching for your business brand as well.

Your business brand is just as important as your personal brand and should be taken very seriously. Remember the two brands are different, but also very similar. While your personal brand is mostly about who you are and your business brand is mostly about what your business is and they are very separate and different they are just as much joined together at the same time.

In efforts to get to know YOU and YOUR BUSINESS they will read everything you write, view your videos, follow your social media platforms both personal and business. It is up to you to decide what you put out there. Carefully consider before posting anything to any forum whether personal or business, as they will be viewing it. Ask yourself – Do I want EVERYONE to know this about me? Am I okay if my clients see this? Am I okay if my parents see this? Am I okay if my kids see this? Am I okay if my church sees this? Am I okay if my spouse views this? If your answer is NO to even one of them then do NOT post it!

As always I would love hear your thoughts your and opinions. Please tell us if you have anything to add about branding. What are your branding practices, etc?

Article from The VA Source – by Rhonda Holscher

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