Converting Potential Clients Into Client #1 of 3

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This question was asked by Kathy Andrews on one of my LinkedIn groups the other day and I thought I would share it with you along with my answer.

Kathy Andrews stated, “Even though I have had a few jobs from friends, I have a number of contacts who say they will use me sometime. I am just waiting for the sometime. I KNOW it will come sooner hopefully rather than later.”

My response to Kathy was this: I had a potential client contact me back in March and said he would let me know in two weeks. Two weeks came I sent follow-up and he said he was still deciding. Anyway, time came and went as it does and eventually I figured he hired someone else. Just a couple weeks ago he contacted me again. We signed a temporary contract for 40 hours. He paid his retainer and I began working for him within a few days of that contact. He is my biggest paying client so far and all is going well. So that sometime will happen with some of those potential clients. Find a way to stay in touch with them and keep yourself in front of them so they remember you. Sometimes they are just afraid to make that step and if you can find a way to connect with them they will eventually begin to feel as if they can trust you and will contact you again when they are ready.

Kathy was appreciative and thanked me for encouraging her, but then wanted to know: “How long after the initial contact and what kind of contact?”

Please come back next week for my response to this question in article 2 of this 3 part series.

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on converting potential clients to new clients. Please be sure to send us your comments by clicking on comments below, and please be sure to include the title of this article in your comments.


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