Cheating: Is it an epidemic?

I was reading an article in Reader’s Digest where the author (author unknown) claims that they wrote papers of every nature for college students. In this article they explain how thousands of students cheat, and of course this writer played a huge part of this cheating epidemic.

As a VA / Virtual Assistant working with college students? We need to be responsible with how we work with the college students. I work with college students and I NEVER assist them in cheating. I do not write their papers, and I do not re-write their papers. When I am editing a paper for a student I mark it up in red edits to let them know their typos or misspelled words. I let them know when a sentence needs reworded, but I do not re-write their content or create their content. Why? Isn’t that student paying me to assist them? Shouldn’t I do what they want me to do because they are paying me? The answer is a resounding NO!

These kids (some of them) barely get through high school and it’s because of a failing system that allows or even assists the students in cheating instead of ensuring that they are learning this material. I am not helping those college students by assisting them with cheating. Rather I think we should (and I do) give them guidance so that they can learn as opposed to scooting by once again.

I don’t know about you, but I personally do not want a doctor/surgeon treating me or slicing me open when he did not even read/study his material when in school. Nor do I want an attorney representing me that did not do his own school work.

What can we do to ensure that these college students stop cheating and start getting a better education? Well as professionals in our industries whether we are writers or Virtual Assistant’s or other we let the college student do the work and we offer guidance and instruction. Editing is okay as long as we are providing guidance and instruction and not actually rewriting the paper.

No matter how much they offer to pay you and some of them I’m sure can pay very well this should not even be a question in your mind. The student will not learn unless we insist they do their own work. Let’s set aside the right or wrong issue and focus on helping the student to learn and become a better citizen.

Are you a professional writer, VA / Virtual Assistant, or other that assists students? If so what are you willing to do to ensure that those college students walk away with real value and learn something that can be applied to their lives? Are you helping them cheat? If so are you willing to make changes so that the student will benefit for life or are you simply going to keep taking their money (which is most likely their parent’s money) and not even sweat it?

I would love to hear from you. If you have an opinion or are someone who assists students please let me know your answers to my questions or provide your insight. I welcome an open and honest discussion.

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