Celebrating 5 years in business!

Rhonda’s Virtual Office is Celebrating 5 Years in Business this Month 

0122152157cMy team and especially myself are super stoked that this is our 5th anniversary. On February 4, 2015 we will have been in business for 5 years, and it has been an amazing adventure. When we began we simply offered basic administrative support or basic virtual assistant services and we still offer that support, but through the years our clients’ needs were more than that and we upped our game and learned and continue to learn new skills in order to satisfy client needs. Through the growth and the learning curves I have discovered new passions in my business and am still discovering them. 

This year I am bringing a new avenue of services to my clients and that is formal courses with one-on-one training for related services and or products that you use every day, but struggle with learning how to use them effectively or at all. My first course is called “Gmail Management: Making Email Management Simple”.

When I was training a recent client and I watched her eyes light up when those 2000+ emails disappeared all at once I realized just how beneficial this training can be for my clients.
The one-on-one training portion of the course offers a 1 hour training session with me personally and our training guide to go with it. If you do not want or feel you need the one-on-one training, but would like to get the guide you may do just that.

The course is almost ready to go for its official launch. I will send you an email when it’s been officially launched on the website. I’m just working out some last minute details with how to bill, getting books printed for those who want soft copies, etc. So be on the lookout for that announcement! 

I’m planning on bringing more courses like this to my clients in the very near future. 

Also, don’t forget that we are celebrating at Ivy Hills Country Club on February 3rd and I love to have you ALL there! It’s FREE to attend and you can let me know if you’ll be there by click here. I really hope to see you all there! 🙂


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