How can I protect my website from viruses or hacker attacks?

Website Security is Important

With all the upsets lately regarding the news of this virus, that virus, this hacker, and the one that is being called SoakSoak right now – it can be rather intimidating for the average Joe to protect himself, but with the help of some useful tools you can help safe guard your website today and increase your website security. 

One such tool is SUCURI a website antivirus and firewall. For virus prevention, malware detection, and cleanup SUCURI may be what you’re looking for to increase your website security. Here’s a more complete list of what SUCURI offers: 

  • Professional Security Analysts
  • Malware Scanning and Detection
  • Malware Cleanup
  • Website Blacklist Removal and Repair
  • Repair Dirty Blackhat SEO
  • Security Monitoring
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Mitigation
  • Step Website Attacks and Hacks
  • Malware Prevention
  • Zero Day Response Mechanism
  • Performance Optimization
  • Platform Agnostic Simple Configuration


2014-12-19_sucuri site check


You can do a FREE scan yourself of any website here or you can purchase full protection here depending on how many sites you want to protect starting at $99 per year. 

Another tool you might like to check out for your website security and the one we use is called WordFence. WordFence also offers antivirus and firewall protection, but states on it’s website that it learns in real time from hacker attempt and thus passes that on to the protection of your site. Go here to see a map they’ve generated to display this action. 

WordFence offers a FREE version and a slightly more affordable version if $99 is a bit much for your pocket book.  You can get 1 WordFence API key for 1 year for $39. Also, WordFence doesn’t count it from the date of purchase but rather from the date of first use. So if you purchase your API key today and don’t start using it till next year you will still be able to use it for a full year from the date you started using it. To purchase your API key click here.  

So what’s included in the WordFence protection plans: 


  • Real-time Security Network
  • Scan Core, Theme and Plugin Files
  • Repair Files
  • Scan content for bac URLs
  • Real-time traffic shows hackers
  • Real-time view of crawlers
  • Scan for known malware
  • Scan for hundreds of backdoors
  • Includes a complete firewall
  • Rate limit rogue crawlers
  • Block IP’s & manage blocks
  • Intelligently block networks
  • Block fake Googlebots
  • Block brute-force attacks
  • View top content leeches
  • Monitor disk space
  • Enforce strong passwords
  • Check existing passwords
  • Scan for DNS changes
  • Get detailed IP info
  • Track IP’s to their source 


PAID PLAN (includes all of the FREE options) 

  • Cellphone Sign-in
  • Advanced Comment Spam Filter
  • Check if Site is Spamvertized
  • Check if Site IP is Generating Spam
  • Remove Scans
  • Country Blocking
  • Frequent Scans
  • Scheduled Scans
  • Premium Support


Other useful tips to help safeguard your website. 

  • Remove or delete any unused plugins
  • Keep all plugins that are in use up to date
  • Make sure your WordPress plugins developers are keeping them up to date
  • Keep WordPress up to date
  • Force the use strong password’s
  • Try to limit your admin access
  • Use a backup plugin that does automatic backups 


Hackers use vulnerabilities in these third party plugins to exploit your website. Protect yourself and keep these areas of your site up to date at all times. Need help updating your WordPress plugins? Contact us and we can help you keep them current. 

What useful tips and advice do you have to protect your website? We’d love to hear from you. Please share them below. 

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