Can your blog and website be on the same website?

Yes, and actually I recommend this if you’re blog and website are related. Let’s say you have a business website and also want to keep a blog to keep your clients current on what’s going with your business (i.e. services, products, news related items, etc.) or you may to use the blog for sharing your expertise (i.e. tips and tricks on how to accomplish something, or best practices for working with you, DIY information, how to videos, and more). A blog is a great place to showcase your knowledge and gain trust from your readers which will ultimately translate into clients.


How do you have a blog and website on the same site?


I recommend using WordPress. Originally created as a free blogging platform, but now has so much more to offer with all the great themes and plugins at your disposal. Once you get WordPress and your theme installed onto your site you can start building your pages. A blog page is one of the automatic pages included in the initial WordPress install. If you only have a need for a basic blog with no special inheritance properties then you can easily start using that blog right away. Just remember to delete the original post that WordPress has that says something to effect of “welcome to my blog”, and start blogging.


In order to build out your pages you just need to click the add pages button at the top of your site, add your content, and publish it. Of course there is always more involved and you might want to learn a little about SEO or talk to an expert to assist you with that, and if installing your WordPress or theme is intimidating and you have no clue where to start, again you may want to talk with an expert on that. A virtual assistant can be a great gate keeper for you and assist you in setting up your site.


If you are struggling with figuring out how to get started with your website and blog contact us today and let’s get you going because every business should have a professional website.

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