Is Your Business Prepared for 2015?

New Year’s – New Beginning’s – they always bring in promises of what’s to come and so much hope. Stop promising and hoping for new things and start putting into action the things that you know you need to do and set those deadlines to accomplish them.


What things are on your 2015 to do list this year?



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Do you need to ramp up your website, business card, or other marketing materials? Perhaps, you’ve already given your website a facelift but neglected your other marketing materials (business cards, flyers, post cards, etc.) Let’s talk and let our virtual assistant’s get this off of your list with marketing materials that are cohesive to your business brand.


Do you need to redo your client intake forms or other forms? Are those old forms outdated and could use much improvement? Perhaps you’d like to take them online instead of print and fill. Whatever your goals for your new forms we can talk and figure out what will best meet your needs and give you fresh new professional forms for your print and fill, fill out on the PC, or fill out on the web.


Did you allow your business cards or contacts to pile up and they did not get entered into your contact list last year? Let’s talk about these too. We can take those old contacts and add them to your list and get those off your to do list. Then going forward you can send them to us as they come in and we can keep your contact list updated, and no more business card piles just sitting around your desk getting lost in the shuffle.


Need someone to email or follow up with those contacts. We can help with that to. Let’s discuss what your goals for contact are and clearly define a system and timeline for follow-ups to be handled. Our virtual assistants can assist you with getting those off of your 2015 to do list as well.


Are you working on a new guide, .pdf document/e-book, or other type of manual that has been festering on your to do list but because you simply have too much to do you haven’t found the time to finish it. Let’s discuss where you are with that and what your goals are and see how we can assist you in getting that finished in 2015.


These are just a few examples of things that might be festering on your to do list and you need help now. Our virtual assistant team is ready to help you today to get your business prepared for 2015.


What else is on your 2015 to do list that you NEED HELP with?


Contact us today and let’s talk!


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