Book Review: Become a Virtual Assistant The Virtual Assistant Forums Guide to Success

Become A Virtual Assistant

This 110 page eBook on how to become a virtual assistant was definitely well thought out and written in such a way to bring to you the readers very valuable information to assist you in starting your own virtual assistant business. Starting with “do you have what it takes” and taking you through EVERY step of the process.

The Become a Virtual Assistant – The Virtual Assistant Forums Guide to Success is well organized, easily read and understood. Taking you through ALL the steps from business ethics (building trust), business planning, office set up, branding and SO MUCH MORE!!! With each step of the process there are various  d a multitude of forms and worksheets to assist you in getting started.

The forms are a great tool including everything you will need from contract addendum’s, purchasing domain agreements, copyright assignments, cease and desist agreements, your freelance contracts and NDA’s, and much more. The really great thing here is they are already created and setup with all the information you need in them and they are fully customizable for your use.

The worksheets are there to assist you in determining your niche, your target market, and more. Just print them out and as you read through the book fill them out as you get to each section. The book will tell you when to work on that worksheet, and by the time you finish the book you will have… created your business name, established your policies and procedures, determined your ideal client, written your mission statement, created your success plan, and found your target market.

Now what more could you ask for in an eBook program? 

If you are a new virtual assistant or considering starting your own virtual assistant business this eBook and all the documents included is definitely a great place to start. Do all the worksheets as you get to those sections in the book and before you know it you will be well prepared to start your new venture.

Grab your copy of the Become a Virtual Assistant – The Virtual Assistant Forums Guide to Success today and get started on your journey.

Review by Rhonda Holscher of Rhonda’s Virtual Office. In the interest of full disclosure I did sign up for affiliate commissions, but did not sign up for that until after I had read and wrote my review in full and it in no way reflects on my review.

Even though I have been a business for a while now I walked away with some great tips and more knowledge than I had. I will be reworking some of my contracts and reviewing the information I put into the worksheets as I’m building my new website. Wonderful book! Don’t let this opportunity pass you up!

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Book Review: Become a Virtual Assistant The Virtual Assistant Forums Guide to Success — 4 Comments

  1. Rhonda, thank you for taking the time to review the Become a Virtual Assistant eBook! We appreciate your perspective and opinion. It’s especially gratifying to know that even an established VA like yourself took some ‘new’ information away from reading the eBook.

    To your success!

    • It was my pleasure. I always love reading a really great eBook, and your Become a Virtual Assistant eBook was a truly great eBook! I pray you have great success with it and of course I’m sure you will! 🙂


    • Thanks for stopping by today and reading my blog. I appreciate your comment, and yes it does take time to review such things. Thanks for taking note. I hope that you have a wonderful day!


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