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Current Industry Trends: Big Data

Data, data, data – we keep hearing how important it is to track this and track that, and let’s face it most do not have a clue how to do this. If you don’t have big money or first hand knowledge of how to track your stats then this can be a difficult task. I know as I struggle with tracking my stats. I do track, but it’s difficult at best. In my search for better and easier ways to track my data I’ve collected some links that might prove useful for you as well.

Social media, services, products, websites (clicks, click throughs, etc.) What on earth does is all mean and how do you do it? The below links will help you get started, but if you are still struggling there are professionals out there that can do this for you.

Social media


    • IntervalsOnline is a project management software. I’ve written a review here.
    • QuickBooks is for bookkeeping, but does some tracking as well.
    • Freshbooks is for bookkeeping, but does some tracking as well.


    • 1ShoppingCart is for selling your products online and does have some tracking.
    • Infusionsoft is for selling your products and from what I understand you can do a great deal of tracking with this one, but I have not used this one.


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