Is it better to hire a virtual assistant for one off projects or for the long term?

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Hiring a virtual assistant for one off projects is certainly okay and acceptable especially if that is truly all you need, but consider working with a virtual assistant more long term to gain the benefits listed below. You’re virtual assistant probably prefers to work with you long term because they can build and nurture your relationship and you can work together to create systems and strategies that will help you’re business be more productive, cost effective, and grow. 

  1. Your virtual assistant will become a partner in your business and get to know you and your needs on a more personal level.
  2. Your virtual assistant will be able to reproduce your projects in your voice or in the same manner as you would once they get to know you better.
  3. Once your virtual assistant gets to know your needs they will produce faster work results that are still consistent in the same high quality you are used to receiving from them.
  4. Your virtual assistant if working with your clients will have a chance to develop relationships with your clients that will aide in gaining trust from your clients.
  5. You will need a team to support your business growth goals and having your virtual assistant as the core partner will help you to be able to be more successful and focused.


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