Why I use Aweber Instead of Outlook to Manage My Lists

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I have been using Outlook to manage my newsletters, ebooks, and other subscriptions for a long time now, and it has really worked great for me. When you don’t have the funds you do what have to do to make things work and that is how I’ve spent much of my business working around the funds trying to make them work their hardest for me. Outlook was already something I had available to use and so it was the most viable option for me in the beginning. Now that I have my funds up I can afford to work with Aweber. I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. I had played with MailChimp as it was one of the free options available, but just really found it difficult to work with. I couldn’t use my own template it just wouldn’t work with MailChimp and it’s much more confusing than Aweber for me. Although it’s my understanding if you have firm grasp on coding you might like the MailChimp interface better. Since we are not really discussing MailChimp today let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of Outlook vs. Aweber.

Templates and Web Forms

I started using Aweber recently and already I love it. I was able to use my custom template which is almost identical to the one I had been using in Outlook. Aweber also offers a variety of templates to choose from with matching web forms. You might be able to find some email templates at MS Office’s website, but they’re no web forms with the functionality offered in Aweber.

List Management

Once someone fills in your Aweber web form they are automatically entered into the list that they signed up for. They are sent a confirmation, and upon clicking on that confirmation link they will start receiving whatever they signed up for. You don’t have to worry about adding them to the list or tracking whether or not they confirmed. You also don’t have to worry about forgetting to remove someone that unsubscribed as Aweber will take care of that as well.


If you want to personalize an email in Outlook then you have to send out individual emails, but in Aweber it will allow you to simply add this little line of code {!firstname} that will tell Aweber to personalize it with their first name. There are other little lines of code you can choose from if you want to personalize it another way.


There is no way to track your open and click rates using Outlook, but Aweber offers nice reports that are easy to read and tell you exactly who clicked what and where.


Outlook there is no monthly fee, but you must first purchase the software from Microsoft if you don’t already have it. Aweber there is a slightly higher monthly fee than some of the other programs used, but with the ease of use, tracking, and other options available I think Aweber is definitely worth a look. Aweber does not offer a free trial but does offer the first month for only $1 and you can cancel at any time.

What I don’t like about Aweber

The one thing I do not like in Aweber is when I uploaded my list it sent out a confirmation to everyone on the list. They had to reconfirm what they have already confirmed in the past. Now, I understand why Aweber does this, but I’m thinking that perhaps they could allow you your original list without reconfirming that would be nice. Anyway, it’s not that big of deal. If someone really wants to receive your broadcasts then they will reconfirm.

The advantages of having them pre-scheduled, being able to track your open rates and click rates is awesome. It’s user friendly and creates a very nice newsletter, eblast, blog updates, ebooks, etc. If you haven’t started using a program like Aweber then I suggest you check it out.

Below I have created a table of Advantages and Disadvantages to using Outlook and Aweber.

What do you use for your list management and email campaigns? Tell us what you like or dislike about them. I would love to hear from you.







Custom Template Custom Template / a wide variety of templates to choose from
No web forms Matching web form templates to choose from
Sometimes it gets a skewed in other email clients Easily read in most major email clients (gmail, yahoo, outlook, etc)
Manage your own list Manages list for you
No personalizization unless you want to send the separately Personalize campaigns by adding your client’s name to each email
No scheduling Easy scheduling
No tracking Awesome Tracking
No monthly fee (but you do have to purchase the software) Monthly fee is a little higher than other programs
Only $1 for first month No free trial

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