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As a small business owner it is well known that the most important resource we have to guard like a bulldog is our time. So how do we squeeze in getting the most information out of our day when we have so very little of it? Listening to podcast is a great way to stay informed and to pick up tips for growing our business. Here are the top 5 podcasts to lend your ear to:

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Entrepreneur On Fire: John Lee Dumas is the charismatic host of this 7-day a week podcast on all things entrepreneur. He interviews authors, online business owners, speakers and just about any innovative small business owner who has a story to tell about what their greatest failures were, what were their aha moments and what has them currently fired up. He always ask them to share what online resource they are currently using and to give his audience an inspirational quote. It is a great way to get your Monday morning started especially when it may be a bit hard to get going. Entrepreneur On Fire is available on many platforms including iTunes and Windows phones. 

The Daily Boost: If you like your motivation in short spurts then check out Scott Smith’s 9 minute podcast about getting revved up to go after your goals. He has a ton of energy so if you haven’t had your coffee yet this could be a real jolt. But he gives you bite size nuggets to get you focused on accomplishing your goals. This podcast is what I would categorize under all-purpose motivation in that it is not specifically geared toward entrepreneurs but more toward people in general who want to accomplish their life goals and are seeking a little bit of direction. This podcast is once a week for non-members and every day for members of motivation to move. It is available on iTunes and other popular platforms. 

Go Fire Yourself: Laurel Staples host this in your face podcast about the journey from having a 9-5 job to entrepreneurship. This is a podcast geared toward aspiring entrepreneurs who are still working for someone else. However, I find it also holds great tips and tools for the veteran entrepreneur as she often talks to business owners who are innovative and may have great takeaways to use in your own business. I have spoken to Laurel personally and she is very encouraging and really believes in helping people realize their entrepreneurial goals. Her podcast has new episodes every Thursday and can be heard on iTunes and other popular platforms like Stitcher radio and Windows phones. 

Leaders In The Trenches: This podcast is for leaders by leaders in business. Gene Hammett does a wonderful job of curating his interviews with his guest so that you get the most candid thoughts on how to drive change in your business. He has a calm and peaceful way of speaking. Once you’re done listening to this podcast you feel refreshed, informed and inspired to grow your business in new ways. Leaders In The Trenches can be heard on Monday, Tuesday and Friday on iTunes, Stitcher and other platforms. 

The Entreleadership Podcast: Dave Ramsey introduces you to leaders at the top of their game to share tips on team building and building a great business from the top down. There is always wonderful standout pieces of wisdom that you will want to replay and write down. This podcast is included within the Dave Ramsey brand of sharing information based on common sense from a christian perspective. It can be found on iTunes and other platforms. 

So take some time for yourself and give these podcast a chance to transform your business and  your life. Once you listen to these podcasts based on business and motivation you will want to share all the great tips you are sure to learn. Happy Listening! 

Please share with us below your favorite Entrepreneur Podcasts!

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