Anita Y

Anita, Intern Bookkeeper & Business Admin, is currently a U.C. Clermont student and describes herself as being a non-traditional student. Her husband graduated from U.C. Clermont last spring and they have two terrific children who are also in college. Anita did not attend college in her younger days because she didn’t think it was possible to afford it, but now with her children beginning college, she has come to realize she couldn’t afford not to. So she began college the semester after her eldest child did.

Anita is currently taking her Bachelors degree in Applied Administration to expand her career opportunities. Her goal, once her degree is completed, is to work in either accounting or office administration. Her desire is simple, to provide a better life for herself and her family than what they have previously had.

Anita has joined our team as an intern in bookkeeping and business administration and we are looking forward to working with her.

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