95 Tasks Your Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

As a virtual assistant business who offers administrative support, desktop publishing, project management, web services and technical support and it seems we have pretty much everything covered. It seems there is really no task left undone, but the reality of this is simply not true. No one VA (virtual assistant) can possibly do everything alone and be good at all of it, and in fact if you look closer we do not offer some services such as bookkeeping, receptionist services, social media marketing, and ecommerce. The way we have structured our business is to allow for us to assist you with as many tasks as possible while still providing reliable, professional, and ethically sound virtual assistant services. We have established many professional relationships with other virtual assistant companies, bookkeeping services, receptionist services, social media marketing companies, etc. and can utilize those relationships to your benefit to help you to grow your team and your business as smoothly as possible.

Through our consultation process we determine your exact needs. If you should have a task or project that does not fit into our business model or skill sets we can do one of two things; first though, we will be upfront with you about the facts regarding whether or not we are capable of providing that service to you. Once we’ve established that we cannot meet a certain need we will discuss with you your options. We can recommend or help you find a suitable candidate for the job, but not only that we can take it one step further and assist you in procuring those services and oversee them for you so that you have less team members to worry about overseeing and delegating to.

We know and value the importance of having a great team, and that’s why we (or perhaps I, Rhonda Holscher, in this case) decided to start building a team of other VA’s (virtual assistant’s) and business partners so to speak to create a business model that is beneficial to not only us, our team, and partners, but also of great value to our clients.

I’m frequently asked, “What can you do for me?” or “What services do you provide?” And I find it amazing at the amount of people that still have no clue what we can actually do, or how many people think of a VA as someone who is a overseas only outsourced worker, or a receptionist. This may be true of some VA businesses, but not ours. We are located in Cincinnati, OH and offer services to both our local clients as well as those in the United States of America. We do not hire outsourced workers from overseas for many reasons; for another post perhaps.

So to get to my main point of this post …

95 Tasks Your Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

Administrative Support

Administrative Assisting (General Virtual Assistant)

1. Calendar Support (schedule/cancel appointments, add reminders, sync multiple calendars)
2. Cards (holidays, birthdays, other)
3. Customer Service (emails, tickets)
4. Data Entry (Excel, Google docs, Skydrive/Office 365)
5. Document Creation (forms, letters, memos, training manuals, more)
6. Draft Proposal’s
7. Editing (documents, e/books, manuscripts, more)
8. Electronic Filing (Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive/Office 365, more – organize & maintain)
9. Email Management/Support (Labeling, filing, spam deletion, replies)
10. Maintain Contact Lists (delete/update old contacts, merge and/delete dupes)
11. Screen & Transcribe Voicemails
12. Prepare, Send, and/ Receive Faxes
13. Typing/Word Processing (documents, e/books, manuals, more)
14. Transcription (audio/video)
15. Write Correspondence (emails, letters, memos, more)

Administrative Consulting

16. Advise on relevant subject matter pertaining to the needs of your business
17. Answer your pressing questions
18. Attend Virtual Meetings on Your Behalf
19. Collecting Information from Your Clients
20. Communications Liaison
21. Protect Confidential Information
22. Review, advise, and revise Policies & Procedures
23. Support, facilitate, & nurture relationships
24. Teach You New Skills
25. Training New Staff or Team Members

Content Writing (Copy Writing)

26. Article Writing
27. Webpage Copy
28. Blog Copy (Guest and/ghost blogging)
29. Sales Page Copy
30. Landing Page Copy
31. Directory Submissions

Desktop Publishing (not graphic design)

32. Design Brochures
33. Design Business Cards
34. Design Fliers
35. Design Post Cards
36. Design / Format / Edit eBooks
37. Design Logo’s
38. Design Banners
39. Design Headers
40. Design eBook Covers
41. Design Infographics
42. Powerpoint Presentations
43. Convert Powerpoints toVideo

Project Management

44. Establish Milestones & Tasks
45. Assign Tasks to Your Team
46. Oversee Team During Project
47. Ensure Timely Completion of Projects
48. Manage Team Meetings
49. Deal with Issues in Regards to Your Projects
50. Work Directly with Your Clients
51. Assist Your Clients with Questions
52. Consult with Outside Resources (team/partners/other – hire a professional)
53. Handle Customer Queries
54. Liaise with Third Parties

Web Services & Technical Support

Video Editing

55. Very Basic Video Editing
56. Adding Intro’s
57. Adding Outro’s
58. Adding transitions
59. Adding music

Email Marketing

60. Account Creation & Setup
61. Design eNewsletters
62. Add content
63. Send/Schedule eNewsletters
64. Manage Subscribers
65. Editing/Proofreading Emails

Social Media Posting

67. Post Content to Your Social Media Accounts
68. Schedule Content via HootSuite or other

Website Design and Maintenance via WordPress

69. Install WordPress to cPanel
70. Install Theme to WordPress
71. Customize WordPress Theme
72. Setup Website/Blog Pages
73. Setup Landing/Sales Pages
74. Upload Images
75. Optimize Images with SEO
76. Post Content to Website/Blog
77. Optimize Content with SEO
78. Title Tags
79. Meta Descriptions
80. Keywords
81. Whole Site SEO
82. Edit/Proofread Website/Blog Content
83. Custom Menus
84. Install and Configure Widgets/Plugins
85. Install and Configure PayPal / IPN (possibly other payment gateways)
86. Install and Configure Social Media
87. Setup Google analytics on Backend of WordPress
88. Setup of Sitemap
89. Website Backups
90. Link Checking
91. Image Checking
92. Typo/content errors
93. Monitor Comments (approve, respond, delete spam, setup spam parameters)
94. Upload Videos to YouTube
95. Embed Videos from YouTube to Website

To sum it all up the virtual assistant role is much more than a receptionist. The VA role as evolved so vastly with time, and the skills and training that virtual assistants have today are diverse and when working with teams often very complimentary of each other and bring more support to your business. You see, you do not have to do it all alone. There are many wonderful virtual assistants and virtual assistant teams out there just waiting to assist you.

Are you ready to take the plunge and work with a VA today? If so, we’d love to talk to you about your businesses needs. You can email us to speak with your new project manager or fill in our RFP Webform to get your proposal today!

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