5 Steps to Systematizing Your Daily Tasks

One of the things as a virtual assistant that I am frequently asked is how to manage those  pesky daily tasks easier and with more efficiency. These 5 tips on systematizing your daily tasks from one of our editorial team members will help you to make that process a little smoother.

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Five Steps to Systematizing Your Business Tasks Daily

Overwhelmed by your daily business tasks?  Perhaps systematizing your business tasks daily will help you find the effectiveness and efficiency you desire. Creating systems can improve your productivity and actually help you find more time in your day. And when you’re ready to outsource the task to a virtual assistant, having a system in place makes that process infinitely easy. Here’s how to systemize your business tasks daily.

Steps to Systematize Your Daily TasksStep #1 

Understand what systems are and how they can help you. Systems are a step-by-step process documented to outline each aspect of your business. They help you stay on track, make you more efficient, streamline your business and help you see where you can improve and where your business is excelling. When your systems work, everything runs smoothly and that’s the ultimate goal.

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Step #2 

Identify your daily business tasks. Make a list of all of the daily tasks on your plate. We’re talking about anything from:

  • Customer service
  • Marketing
  • Product creation
  • Product development
  • Purchasing
  • Producing a newsletter/Email Marketing
  • Billing
  • Invoicing
  • Outsourcing
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Step #3 

Taking each task, one at a time, write down the steps you take to accomplish the task.

For example, for invoicing you may keep an excel spreadsheet of all new clients and projects within the last week. You may then open PayPal, and send each person an invoice. Your next step might be to document the date you sent the invoice and the invoice number. Finally, you place your spreadsheet in a dated file on your desktop and create a new spreadsheet for the upcoming week.

Document the steps you take for each daily task on a separate document or piece of paper. You’ll need the information for the next step.

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Step #4 

Review your system and make sure it makes sense and is as efficient and effective as it can be. For example, after reviewing your invoicing system you may decide it takes too much time to update your Excel spreadsheet weekly and decide to use a program like QuickBooks or FreshBooks to get the job done instead.

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Step #5 

Organize your systems. Depending on the type of person you are, you may want to keep your systems in a file folder.  Print them out, three whole punch them and put them on a binder right on your desk. Now, when you get ready to start your day, all you have to do is open the binder and get going.

As a business owner, your systems are the processes and procedures by which everything in your business runs. When your systems work, everything runs smoothly and your day becomes much easier to manage. 

Do you need help creating systems and processes that work? Connect with us today and let’s talk about your goals and let us help you to create systems and processes that will work more efficiently for your business.

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